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Insurance plans vary and may cover anywhere from zero to 100% of your medical and surgical cost. Your insurance is generally a contract between you and your insurance company. You are responsible for your bills regardless of what your insurance pays. All co-pays, deductibles and/or co-insurance is due at the time of your visit. Please check with your insurance company prior to your visit to determine your benefits. We accept Visa and MasterCard.


It is your responsibility to inform us if your insurance company requires hospital pre-admission certification or a second surgical opinion. Obstetric patients are expected to pre-certify their routine prenatal care with their insurance company. Most companies will NOT pay full benefits if you do not meet the pre-certification requirements of their policy.


Accepted Insurances Include:

Blue Cross Blue Shield



Mississippi Physicians Care Network

Baptist Health Services Group


Most Commercial Medicare Plans


UnitedHealthcare MississippiCAN


If you do not see your provider listed, please contact your insurance company for information regarding your coverage.


We base our fees on the amount of time we spend with you, the procedures performed and the degree of medical difficulty that a particular case involves. Our fee schedule is based on statistically determined standards within our community; therefore, they are generally consistent with those in other local medical offices. Please do not hesitate to discuss our fees if you have any questions. We are concerned with the cost of medical care, and we appreciate your suggestions.

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