Oxford OB/GYN is proud to provide patients with access to an exciting new hormone therapy, bioTE® Pellets. bioTE® Pellets are a bio-identical hormone pellet therapy that are small in size and custom compounded for each individual patient. This plant-based therapy uses no synthetic hormones and can help keep hormone levels consistent throughout the day, therefore minimizing many of the roller-coaster like symptoms that often accompany hormone imbalance.

Such hormone imbalance symptoms include:

• Low sex drive

• Sexual dysfunction (ED)

• Chronic fatigue

• Loss of muscle mass

• Increased body fat (especially in the waist area)

• Decreased bone mass

• Mood changes

• Lower mental capacity

• Depression

• Irritability

• Brain Fog

Interested in learning more? Read more on bioTE® Pellets here or watch here, then give Oxford OB/GYN a call at 662-236-5717 to schedule an appointment. Be sure to let our team know that you are specifically interested in exploring bioTE® Pellets.

bioTE® Pellets